EST. 2022

Outreach Activities

    Education is the key to empowering young people to improve their lives and society. A quality education is the number one factor that every institute want to maintain and which helps a lot in progress of India. In last nine years, I am actively involved in many outreach activities (independently and through various organisations). My focus on following three categories, which help youngsters/students/faculties to gain valuable information, confident and skills necessary for quality education, research, and better life.

    (a) Prevent Suicide in Youth/Students – Since 2014, I am closely working with “360 Phoenix Foundation” [Click here] and taking part of their mission to “Inspire develop young boys and girls to support United Nations Sustainable Development Goals”. I have been given more than 20 talks, seminars, webinars on various platforms with this foundation towards 17 UN SDG’s. I have been working for prevent suicide in youths.

    (b) Career Opportunities in Research/Industry Field - I have delivered more than 15+ invited talks in different colleges and institutes to guide master students. Based on my more than 9 years’ research experience, I am aware with many career opportunities and during my talk I try to transfer my knowledge to Mater’s students and faculties.

    (c) Faculty Development Program - I was started interaction with teachers/faculties of small villages and cities in 2012 and organized one day workshops for teachers and faculties. In last nine years, I have visited many schools, colleges, under “Faculty Development Program”. I very carefully designed it to bridge the gap in quality research and teaching skills that are required in contemporary management education in India.